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07 Jun 2018

Video Blog: Family Dynamics and Your Weight

The Talking it Up Show with Arlean Edwards is a local production that ...

10 May 2018
Weight Loss | 8 min read

Video Blog: Dieting

12 Apr 2018
Weight Loss | Wellness | 9 min read

Video Blog: What Are Calories?

16 Nov 2017
Weight Loss | Wellness | 3 min read

The Effects of Obesity: Diabetes

Diabetes has come to be a household term. With the obesity epidemic on...

21 Sep 2017
Weight Loss | Wellness | 2 min read

Don't Wait to Lose Weight

As a bariatric surgeon, I have found that patients are more likely to ...

10 Aug 2017
Weight Loss | Wellness | 2 min read

Am I Considered Obese?

Obesity is quickly becoming the largest health epidemic in the United ...

27 Mar 2017
Weight Loss | 1 min read

The Basics of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a very difficult challenge. Anyone who has tried know...

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