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01 Aug 2019

My Weight Loss Story: Paris McCrary

All my life I have been on the heavier side. From the time I was a you...

06 Jun 2019

My Weight Loss Story: Tres Taylor

The first time I remember struggling with my weight, I was probably ar...

09 May 2019

My Weight Loss Story: Tamie Bartlett

I began struggling with my weight at the age of 19, shortly after my f...

11 Apr 2019

My Weight Loss Story: Karen White

My weight loss story began when I was a young adult. At just 21 years ...

07 Mar 2019
Weight Loss Surgery | 2 min read

Understanding My Body Mass Index

Body mass index (BMI) is a measurement of a person's weight relative t...

07 Feb 2019

Deciding to Have Weight Loss Surgery

If you are thinking about having weight loss surgery, I first want to ...

03 Jan 2019
Wellness | Weight Loss Surgery | 2 min read

Making New Year's Resolutions and Taking Back Your Life

Many people go into the new year with unclear or grandiose resolutions...

21 Jun 2018

The Period Before Weight Loss Surgery

The decision to use surgery as a treatment for the disease of obesity ...

24 May 2018
Weight Loss Surgery | 4 min read

Paying for Weight Loss Surgery: Insurance Coverage and Costs

One of the most daunting factors when considering bariatric surgery ca...

26 Apr 2018

How Safe is Weight Loss Surgery?

One of the biggest myths surrounding weight loss surgery has to do wit...

29 Mar 2018
Weight Loss Surgery | 5 min read

Video Blog: Choosing The Right Surgery For You

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