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Trish Fine, RD, LD

14 Jun 2018
Nutrition | 4 min read

The Post-Op Diet: All You Need to Know

It is a common misconception that weight loss surgery is the easy way ...

17 May 2018
Nutrition | 5 min read

The Pre-Op Liquid Diet: All You Need to Know

We all love food. Anyone who claims they don't is lying. It can be dif...

19 Apr 2018
Nutrition | 3 min read

Preparing Your Diet For Weight Loss Surgery

The decision to have weight loss surgery should not be taken lightly. ...

22 Mar 2018
Nutrition | 3 min read

Why You Should Eat Whole Foods

You've probably heard the term "whole food" used frequently within nut...

22 Feb 2018
Nutrition | 4 min read

Breakfast Essentials: What You Should Be Eating

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. ...

25 Jan 2018
Wellness | 2 min read

Celebrating the Non-Scale Victories

Weight loss patients often obsess over the number on the scale. As an ...

25 Dec 2017
Nutrition | Wellness | 1 min read

Introducing the Live Healthy MD Cookbook

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Our practice would li...

21 Dec 2017
Nutrition | 1 min read

Rethink Your Drink: Winter Edition

Winter has arrived and for most people this means the healthy eating i...

22 Nov 2017

10 Ways to Say No to Holiday Food Pushers 

The holidays are a time when family and friends gather together, and f...

26 Oct 2017
Nutrition | 3 min read

Trick-or-Treat and Nothing Sweet

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know what that means. C...

19 Oct 2017
Nutrition | 1 min read

5 Surprisingly "Healthy" Foods That May be Ruining Your Diet

With lots of information on the internet about what you should and sho...

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