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Connie Stapleton, Ph.D

Dr. Connie Stapleton is a clinical psychologist at Live Healthy MD. Dr. Stapleton is a Certified Addictions Counselor and is an active member of the American Psychological Association as well as the Georgia Psychological Association. She is particularly interested in helping patients overcome their addictions and live a healthier life. She continues to guide patients towards healthy lifestyles and addiction recovery through her teachings of mental and behavioral health.
07 Sep 2020

Video Blog: Maintaining the Motivation to Lose Weight

Motivation is the set of forces that activate, guide and maintain our ...

20 Jul 2020
Behavioral Health | 5 min read

How to Support Your Partner after Bariatric Surgery

True story: A friend of mine had bariatric surgery. Her husband came t...

22 Jun 2020
Behavioral Health | Wellness | 6 min read

Misleading Hunger Signals after Bariatric Surgery

Is this feeling really hunger? It may sound a bit odd, but many people...

15 Jun 2020
Behavioral Health | 2 min read

Head Hunger: Steps to Avoid Eating Your Emotions

It’s late on Thursday night. You’ve worked all day, the kids are in be...

08 Jun 2020
Behavioral Health | Wellness | 4 min read

How to Overcome Stress Eating

Stress eating, or “emotional eating” seems to be as common a problem a...

20 Jan 2020

How a Positive Mindset Can Affect Your Weight

Self talk is a powerful tool you can incorporate into your plan for lo...

14 Mar 2019
Behavioral Health | 1 min read

Self Esteem for the Soul

You’ve been working on improving your self-esteem by engaging in posit...

14 Feb 2019
Behavioral Health | 1 min read

Self Esteem for the Body

You know the importance of talking to yourself with compassion and kin...

10 Jan 2019
Behavioral Health | 2 min read

Self Esteem for the Mind

There is no way around it. In order to truly live our healthiest lives...

13 Dec 2018
Behavioral Health | Wellness | 2 min read

Confessions of an Addict: How to Free Yourself from Addiction

“Hi, I’m Connie and I truly am a grateful, recovering addict.” When I ...

06 Dec 2018
Behavioral Health | Wellness | 3 min read

Introducing the Weight Loss Webinar: Gain While You Lose

Losing weight is hard, especially coming off the holiday season filled...

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