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Written by Morgan Schaack, RD, LD
on October 04, 2018

Grocery shopping can seem like a chore, especially if you are buying for a family or even trying to eat healthier in a world of uncrustables and cookies. When I first began this grocery shopping blog series, I took you on an adventure through the grocery store and you may have spotted me looking at a little white piece of paper throughout our shopping trip—that was my shopping list.  

I talked about the importance of a shopping list in my 5 Tips: Grocery Shopping for Weight Loss Blog, and today I want to emphasize the benefits of making a grocery list, especially for individuals looking to lose weight or save money. 

If you are at a loss as to where to begin when making a shopping list, check out our Ultimate Grocery List Guide. Also, pinterest and YouTube have some wonderful recipes that are low-carb and bariatric friendly. 

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Grocery List Benefits Infographic

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