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22 Feb 2021

Which Bariatric Surgery Procedure is Right for Me?

There are three main weight loss surgery procedures in the field of ba...

15 Feb 2021
Weight Loss Surgery | 5 min read

Bariatric Surgery: The Gastric Bypass vs. The Duodenal Switch

In the field of weight loss surgery, there are three standard bariatri...

08 Feb 2021
Weight Loss Surgery | 4 min read

Bariatric Surgery: The Gastric Bypass vs. The Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Bypass and the Gastric Sleeve are two weight loss surgery ...

01 Feb 2021

Requirements for Weight Loss Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, having weight loss surgery IS NOT the easy...

25 Jan 2021

5 Reason to Have Weight Loss Surgery This Year

Weight loss surgery seems like a potentially radical or even a scary o...

18 Jan 2021
Weight Loss Surgery | 3 min read

Introducing Doctors Specialists — Bariatrics and Surgical

After nearly 2 years of contract negotiations, we are excited to annou...

11 Jan 2021

Video Blog: How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss surgery is becoming a popular choice for many overweight a...

04 Jan 2021
Behavioral Health | Wellness | 3 min read

How to Set New Year's Resolutions that Last All Year Long

Did you set a New Year's Resolution? If you're like most people who se...

28 Dec 2020

2020 Year In Review: Bariatric Surgery Statistics

As the obesity rate continues to rise in America and in other parts of...

21 Dec 2020

We Wish You a Merry Christmask and Happy New Year

This holiday season, we are so grateful for our Live Healthy MD family...

14 Dec 2020
Nutrition | 3 min read

Foods Hindering Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery

Despite what you may think, all "healthy" foods are not created equal....

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