The Basics of Losing Weight

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Mar 27, 2017 2:17:59 PM

 Losing weight is a very difficult challenge. Anyone who has tried knows this very well. We were designed to store extra fuel in the form of fat during the good times (feasting) and hold on to fat during the bad times (starvation). Fat in our body is ultimately a way we store extra fuel (carbohydrates) in our body for future use. Unfortunately, for most of us in our society, we never get to a point of needing to use what we have stored over many years. What regulates all of this in our bodies is a complex array of hormones which controls our metabolism and fat mass/balance. This is why when we try to diet we loose only a few lbs, typically not much more then 5-10% for our body weight, and then it stops. Getting beyond 10% weight loss is exceedingly difficult. There is no magic to loosing weight, we teach our patients that loosing weight comes down to one simple fact: carbohydrate balance. You will only loose weight if you consume less carbohydrates then what your body needs. Carbs (ultimately glucose) is the single fuel source for the billions of cells in our bodies. Every diet plan is based on this one simple principle. No diet is based on the principle of eating more carbs. So, how do we go about creating a negative carbohydrate balance? First you have to know what’s in the

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Why Should I Be Concerned About My Weight?

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Mar 16, 2017 11:39:11 PM


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Myths of Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Oct 3, 2016 11:24:26 PM

As a weight loss surgeon, one of the many questions I get from patients about Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is "Do I have too many medical problems for surgery?"  The answer is  NO!.  WLS is meant for patients with multiple if not severe medical problems.  Most, if not all problems that we have as humans can be linked to excess weight.  The most common problem we deal with is diabetes and WLS is usually a CURE for this chronic disease.

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Why do I feel Tired after loosing so much weight?

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Jul 20, 2016 10:44:00 PM


We always stress with our patients the importance of regular follow-up after WLS.  The reasons are numerous such as staying on track, avoiding weight gain, intervention if maladaptive behaviours start to creep in.  Another and important reason is to routinely check labs and look for any deficiencies.  The most common long-term deficiencies that we see in our patients is iron and B12.  These vitamins are necessary in the production of red blood cells so deficiencies lead to anemia that has the clinical symptoms of weakness, fatigue and feeling cold.

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The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Feb 24, 2014 11:04:35 PM

I came across some answers to common questions that we get all the time about artificial sweeteners (non-nutritive sweeteners) so I have re-posted it here:

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Doctor's Don't Understand Obesity!

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Oct 31, 2013 10:56:49 PM

I was one of those doctors.  No one ever taught me about the disease of obesity....Yes I said the disease of "obesity".  The only thing I was taught in medical school at one of the most well-known schools in America was that obesity is a disease of  "will power."  Just push away from the table.  Well, how times have changed.  Those physicians in the know, now recognize that obesity is truly a disease and unlike most medical problems, obesity affects every area of the body.  So the single biggest thing a person can do for their overall health is to...."lose weight."  

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Sweets are addictive as cocaine!

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Oct 27, 2013 10:02:29 PM

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Yes, I'm A Dietitian and This is What I Believe

Posted by brynhamilton on Oct 27, 2013 3:07:19 PM

Among my peers, I would be considered "non-tradititional" in my professional practice. When you know what works, you have to do what works. I am also very fortunate to work with a group of physicians that is also "non-traditional" in their practice and thinking. Instead of non-traditional, I prefer to think we are just ahead of the game. The days of low fat diets are long gone. They don't work. The population of the United States has progressively gotten fatter since the late 1970's when low fat diets became the thing to do. So throw out all your low fat mayo, salad dressings and margarines. Quit buying all that bread, rice and pasta. Sit down with a nice steak or a few eggs and some bacon and read the article below.

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Is Too Much A Good Thing?

Posted by brynhamilton on Oct 24, 2013 1:30:34 PM

The following is a post by Dr. Warren Karp from Facebook.  It is an excellent explanation on why taking the recommended amount of vitamins is what our bodies need and that more is not necessarily better.

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Heart Disease is Due to Inflammation, NOT your cholesterol...

Posted by Dr. Mike Blaney on Oct 21, 2013 10:45:03 PM

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